September 03, 2010

Simple Design Is Difficult

XL Open Source Community Web Flyer
Four hours of code to get this simple design
This is 4 hours of code. Starts from 10:00 ends at 14:00 without break. I was designed a web-flyer for XL open source community @ XL employee club exhibition. It was blank… no idea how to start this web-flyer, I don't know how the layout would be, and so on. The one in my mind is: This thing must be put in PC so it can attract peoples to visit our booth immediately. And I want it very simple.

I was thinking about middle-aligned block. Contents were stacked, started from header; intro; sections; and footer. Each section was divided into 2 columns, left for figure, right for paragraph.

The content is about Windows application replacement for Linux. It is grouped into: Office; Multimedia; Internet; Game; Graphic applications. It was clear that stacked-layout will be used.

The tones is about balance between warm & cool colors. Here I picked light-orange as warm color, and light-green as cool color. Content tones is standard 80% black over white background.

Four hours… long enough to get this kind of design. Yeah, simple is difficult.